Call For Abstracts!

The deadline for abstract submission for the AEG and FGIM 53rd Annual Meeting has been extended to June 1, 2017. We will however consider all abstracts past any deadline published. Presentations would be held at the FGIM meeting Friday September 15th, 2017. Questions regarding presentations/abstracts should be directed towards Tom Newman [].


Suggested paper topics concerning Industrial Minerals

  • Local industrial minerals or processing **this topic will be the most interesting.
  • Issues such as reserve/resources, environmental, transportation, etc.
  • Governmental and Educational Agencies – a presentation about your agency or department would be hugely beneficial.
  • Land Issues Related to Industrial Minerals.
  • Reclamation of Industrial Mineral Extraction Sites.
  • Permitting of Industrial Mineral Facilities.

Refer to this link for information regarding submission of your abstract.


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