57th Forum – 2021 Virtual Event – Agenda

Agenda for 57th Forum Virtual Event | August 26, 2021 | Hosted by the Illinois State Geological Survey

Please tune in August 26, 2021 from 9:00 AM to Noon and again from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM (CST) for this event.

If you registered for the meeting, THANK YOU! If you still need to register, click here: 57th Forum 2021 Virtual Event Registration OR check out the Illinois State Geological Survey site for more information.

Hope to see/hear you there! Check out the list of authors you will be hearing from below.

Featured Abstracts

Well Looky Here! An Aggregate Project in Southwest Texas Gets an Unexpected Surprise – a Case Study in Deposit Optimization, Michelle M. Lee

Aggregate Evaluation Practices in the Laboratory, Have We Been Over Mitigating Our Concrete Aggregates?, Chris Braaten

“Slippery When Wet” – Road Surfacing Aggregate for a Wetter World, John Cowley

Sustainability in Midwestern Crushed Stone Aggregate Production

Downhole Desurvey Methods, Gavin Clarkson

New Natural Pozzolan Ash Meadows California, Dan Eyde & Steve Wulfenstein

‘Critical’, ‘Magnet’, ‘Battery’, and Photovoltaic Materials – Market Facts and Hype: Implications for Responsible Exploration and Development Decision-making, Laura Simandl, George J. Simandl, & Suzanne Paradis

Climate Change and Its Potential Effects on Potash Producers, Mark D. Cocker

Bauxite Red Mud Residue as a Mineral Resource, Mark D. Cocker, Floyd Gray, & Greta J. Orris

The Illinois Basin Carbon Ore, Rare Earth, and Critical Mineral Initiative (IB CORE-CM), Jared T. Freiburg, Scott Elrick, & Franck Delpomdor

Any questions regarding this event contact : Zak Lasemi at zlasemi@illinois.edu or Scott Elrick at elrick@illinois.edu

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