Robert L. Bates Memorial Scholarship

“It’s been said that the language is the only natural resource that can be mined indefinitely without depletion. I enjoy mining it.”

Bob Bates

About the Scholarship

In an effort to encourage more students to attend the Forum, organizers of the 31st Forum instituted a grant to fund a student to attend the Forum free of any expense. This effort has grown into the Robert L. Bates Scholarship Fund and is supported by donations from Forums as part of expenses and from individuals. Robert L. Bates Scholarship Fund trustees administer the 403 c scholarship, but the Forum Steering Committee makes the final choice of individuals. It is hoped that the Scholarship will grow to a point where at least two individuals will receive grants to attend: one from any location and the other one from the local area of that Forum.

The Bates Scholar will be selected by the Forum Steering Committee from among the candidates nominated. The Scholarship is 100% funded, including travel expenses.

Nomination Requirements & Application

Students in Earth Sciences with Undergraduate Junior standing through Graduate student level and:

  • Maintain at least at 3.0 GPA in a 4.0 system, or the equivalent.
  • A strong inclination towards industrial minerals.
  • A statement of purpose describing students background and professional goals.
  • A letter of recommendation written by a Nominator (an adviser or a professional in the field of industrial minerals).
  • Bates Scholarship Form for Nominator

Students are encouraged to present on their research as an oral presentation or poster, although this is not a requirement for nomination. Your paper or abstract, if accepted, will be published in Forum Proceedings.

Download Nomination Form: Bates Scholarship Form – 2020


Please send nomination formstatement of purpose and letter of recommendation to:

Robert L. Bates Memorial Scholarship Awards Committee

Tom Newman

1405 Parkwood Drive, Fort Collins, Colorado 80525 USA

Phone +1 970-215-6110

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